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Edina High School in suburban Minneapolis was long regarded as one of the country’s top secondary schools. In recent years, its national ratings and its local reputation have slipped, perhaps in part because teachers are spending time promoting a left-wing agenda and bullying conservative students rather than teaching the subjects they are paid to teach.

Following last November’s election, 80 Edina High School teachers–which must represent pretty much the entire faculty–signed an editorial in the school’s newspaper that was basically a Democratic Party manifesto. The editorial was authored by Tim Klobuchar (second cousin). It went so far as to oppose calls for unity; unity, it implied, will exist only when all conservatives have been banished from the stage.

We learned of the editorial and other events surrounding the election just a few days ago, and I wrote about left-wing indoctrination at Edina High School on Center of the American Experiment’s web site. This caused more students and teachers to get in touch with us, and I did follow-up posts here and here. Stories about abuse at the hands of bullying left-wing teachers continue to come in.

Not many things shock me, but I confess that I have been shocked by what I have learned about the Edina public school system. Indoctrination in left-wing politics begins in elementary school, where children are taught the pernicious doctrine of “white privilege.” In Edina, not even bus drivers are exempt: they, too, are required to take political re-education classes.

Here are excerpts from some of the communications we have gotten from Edina parents and students. There are lots more at the links.

This one is from a student:

The day after the election I was texting my mom to pick me up from school and she almost had to!! Every teacher was crying in class, one even told the whole class “Trump winning is worse than 9/11 and the Columbine shooting.” The amount of liberal propaganda that was pushed every single day in class this year was worse than it’s ever been–and you’re bullied by the teachers and every student if you dare speak against it.

Yeah its horrible, the teachers can absolutely do whatever they want. The administration will do nothing about it!! The day of the election every single student was in the commons chanting “F*** TRUMP” and the teachers never did anything. A LOT of people are starting to complain and my mom has some friends who are leaving the school district.

A parent describes her daughter being abused in class in an email to a school administrator:

In talking with [my daughters], it came out that yesterday in my 10th grader’s AP World class, [the teacher] called out any Trump supporters and asked them to assure the class that they weren’t racist. Both my husband and I were aghast and we felt strongly that we should say something to you. … Yesterday’s incident in her class really surprised us as it is so completely inappropriate and unprofessional. If you talk with [the teacher] about this, please don’t mention my daughter. She doesn’t want to be identified for fear of retribution.

The fear of retaliation is a common theme in the emails and comments we have gotten from students and parents. Left-wing teachers and administrators are often vicious.

Another parent:

We’re tired of them trying to indoctrinate our children to believe what they believe rather than teaching critical thinking and actual course work. We’re tired of our kids coming home feeling defeated because their beliefs are forbidden at school and they will be ostracized if they speak out. We’re tired of our kids telling us that all they hear in LA and other classes is that white people, especially white men, are bad, over and over. We’re absolutely sickened when our son tells us that he is labeled a racist, sexist and rapist — yes, a RAPIST — because he is a white male.

Race plays a surprisingly prominent role in the liberals’ bullying. Edina is not exactly known as a multicultural city.

This account by a student of events surrounding November’s election is very sad:

I was one of 6 leaders of the Young Conservatives Club which, in our group message, had close to 200 participants. During the election, we felt like the minority, which we were. The day of the election a group of us (maybe 20-30 kids) chose to wear political shirts to school. I wore a Trump shirt while other people were wearing Hillary shirts or Bernie shirts. I knew walking into school that it was going to be an odd day but I had no idea what was really in store for me.

I walked into morning rehearsal for the choir at 7:15 am and I proudly wore my shirt. As I took my seat I could see and feel eyes on me and people whispering. I kept my head up and was proud. Then I got to the cafeteria where I liked to meet my friends before school starts and in between classes. People were glaring at me, whispering, challenging me on my views, people called me racist to my face and over social media, and I experienced public humiliation.

During lunch, the YCC had gathered for a group picture with our Trump shirts on. And by 6th hour, when all I wanted was to go home and lie in bed after a day of bullying, a staff member pulled me out of class. As I was leaving the classroom a girl said “How ugly is that shirt haha” commenting on my Trump shirt. The staff member pulled me out of class not to ask me about how my day was going or if I was emotionally okay, but his question for me was “I heard there were students in the YCC picture yelling ‘deportation!’ as the picture was taken. Is that true?” I assured him that, no that wasn’t true. But he kept asking as if he didn’t believe me. Finally, I got to go back to the last 5 min of class and then go home.

The next day, the day after Trump won, was even harder. Teachers were crying alongside students in the classroom. Speeches by teachers included the phrase “we will make it through this together.” One teacher said in front of a class of 100, through tears that “the election was rigged.” Teachers bashed President Trump in front of their students, and people continued to bully me for my views. … I had to have my mom come pick me up after the third hour that day. I couldn’t stand to walk around a school filled with both teachers and students crying and looking to me through their tears with hurtful eyes. I’m not kidding when I say so many people were crying that walking through school felt like someone had died or something.

“We will make it through this together”? Do the liberals not realize how ridiculous they sound?

Another student got so tired of being bullied for his political views in class that he made an audio recording of the teacher, who repeatedly harangued him about Donald Trump. The recording got into the hands of several parents, who confronted school administrators.

In his words, they had to “own up” to the consequences of Mr. Trump’s election. Upon hearing this recording it reminded me of the descriptions a friend of mine makes when recalling his classroom experiences, growing up in communist Hungary in the 1970s. When this recording became public, several parents confronted the principal, and only then was he forced to take action…

The Edina school district has hired someone to go from elementary school to elementary school, lecturing little children on “white privilege”:

He has spent the last year going from classroom to classroom at the Edina Elementary schools, starting Kindergarten – 5th grade, teaching about white privilege, they did a 6 week project, the students age 8 had to each pick a black person and do a project on only black people including drawing pictures of them and writing up reports. What we know as parents is very little, but for every rat you see there are 50 you don’t see. I can’t imagine what is going on behind closed doors with these impressionable children.

Finally, the bus driver:

I worked for Edina for almost 13 years driving a school bus. We were forced to attend “Equity” classes that basically were excoriating us for our white privilege. I had some wonderful times driving but the indoctrination was more than ridiculous.

The outpouring of outrage and concern from Edina parents and students, following our first post on this subject, has been extraordinary. Yet I am sure we have barely scratched the surface. And Edina is by no means unique. Across the country, student achievement has been sliding as a “social justice” agenda has replaced rigorous instruction in the priorities of teachers and administrators. This can’t be allowed to continue.


Fed-up Vegas Native Asks 20 Questions About MGM Shooting Nobody Will Answer

By Wayne Allen Root
March 13, 2018 at 12:18pm

The Vegas Massacre is clearly the new “JFK Murder Conspiracy” updated for the 21st century. The whole story stinks to high heaven. It’s rancid. Clearly, our own government, FBI and Las Vegas police are involved in some sort of cover-up. The question is- what are they covering up?

Las Vegas is my home. I have the top radio talk show in this town. Many dozens of Vegas residents have gotten in touch with me to give me their take on the Vegas Massacre. Included in that group has been MGM employees, top MGM executives, survivors of the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, as well as law enforcement and retired homicide detectives. From my own gut instincts, investigation and these interviews with key players, I’ve pieced together this story. It’s not a pretty picture.

Like any good detective, I have lots of working theories. A good detective doesn’t rule anything out. Maybe it really is as simple and clean as “Stephen Paddock did it, case closed.” But there are way too many unanswered questions, problems and mysteries with that storyline.

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So here are my “Top 20” nagging questions, inconsistencies and theories about the Vegas Massacre…

#1) RAMBO.

How did an overweight, out of shape, 60-year old, anonymous guy (on no one’s radar) with no military training and no military or law enforcement history become Rambo overnight? He carried out this plot with no help? Got hundreds of pounds of weapons to his room? He broke open a hurricane-strength 800-pound window? Set up sniper-type guns? Pulled off worst mass shooting in America’s history with no training, no help? Even though the one over-riding theme of every survivor/witness I’ve spoken to, or heard from is…they saw or heard multiple shooters. Yet the FBI and Vegas police immediately discounted this theory. Why?

#2) The Constantly Changing Timeline.

Did guard Jesus Campos arrive before the shooting started, or after, or during? Why has the story changed so many times? Why can’t anyone get it straight? It’s telling how authorities finally settled on the one timeline most beneficial to MGM- the single biggest employer in a “company town” called Las Vegas. More on this under the Jesus Campos storyline.

#3) The Police Homicide Division isn’t Investigating the worst mass shooting in U.S. history?

FACT. I had guest on my Vegas radio show from a recently retired Vegas homicide detective. The detective reported that the Vegas sheriff did NOT give the case to a division of 30+ experienced Vegas homicide detectives who deal with murder all day, every day.

He gave the case to a short-handed division of Internal Affairs that investigates police officer’s accidental discharge of a weapon. Huh? The sheriff gave the worst mass shooting in U.S. history to a small division of five cops who have never investigated a homicide? Why?

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#4) The Vegas Sheriff.

Sheriff Joe Lombardo. In the interests of full disclosure, I was a fan. I supported the sheriff in his election. I feel he is in very tough position here. MGM is biggest employer in this town and a huge donor to his past and future campaigns. During press conferences, it’s clear Sheriff Lombardo is under restraint in what he can and cannot say. The Las Vegas FBI bureau chief stands right behind him in every press conference with a look that could kill. The FBI clearly doesn’t want Sheriff Lombardi to reveal much. Why?

Since literally every Vegas Sheriff in history retires and goes to work as head of security for a large Vegas hotel for $250,000 per year (like MGM), and Vegas is a company town with MGM being the leading employer, and billions of dollars are on the line due to liability, insurance and tourism issues, it’s easy to see why the Vegas Sheriff is in tough spot. This might well explain the lack of information forthcoming from the LVMPD (Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department). Everyone involved is in a difficult spot.

#5) Where’s the video?

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Vegas has video cameras everywhere. After NYC terror attacks we had videos on TV within hours. In this case…in hotels covered by hundreds of videos…6 months later we’ve never seen one video of the killer walking through the hotel. Why?

#6) The girlfriend.

Marilou Danley just happened to fly to Philippines a few days before her boyfriend carried out worst mass shooting in U.S. history? Really? Great timing for her. And she just happens to admit her fingerprints could be on the ammo? And she just happened to erase her Facebook profile within an hour of the shooting…even though no one had released the name of Stephen Paddock in the media. How did she know it was him? How did she know to erase her FB page?

Oh, and the Philippines just happens to be a ISIS Islamic terror hotspot. And Paddock just happened to wire her $100,000 in the Philippines days before the massacre.

And Paddock just happened to have child porn on his computer. And ISIS is known to make money through child sex trafficking and child slavery. More on this “child porn” connection later.

#7) Money laundering.

Paddock had no obvious huge income stream. Paddock himself bragged that he was “one of the biggest High Roller video poker players in America.” Really? He lived in a $300,000 home in Mesquite, Nevada. That’s as middle class as you get. No one in his neighborhood could afford to gamble millions of dollars on video poker.

Sounds a lot like money laundering to me. What better way to mask money laundering than running millions through a Vegas casino. Who money launders? Terror groups like ISIS.

#8) Rich or “Heavily in Debt?”

First, we were told by the media that Paddock was “rich” and “a huge High Roller.” Of late, the Vegas Sheriff changed the story to “he was heavily in debt and may have had a grudge against casino for heavy losses.” Which one is it? Why does the story keep changing? Paddock left an estate of about $5 million. Why would he be angry at MGM over a few losses in the past year? How was his $5 million fortune earned? Money laundering still fits the puzzle. Perhaps he made partners along the way with ISIS?

#9) Paddock Paid Off His Marker?

This has NEVER been mentioned in the media once. I got this inside scoop directly from Paddock’s longtime Mandalay Bay casino host. Paddock owed MGM $100,000. On Friday night before the massacre Paddock won $100,000 playing video poker. If he was planning to die on Sunday he certainly would have blown it on hookers and cocaine. Or bought a Maserati and had it shipped to his girlfriend. Or gambled even higher amounts with the $100,000. But that’s not what Paddock did.

Instead he took the $100K and paid off his $100K MGM marker. He paid off his debt in full? Why would a crazed killer do something so responsible? Why would a suicidal man do that?

He wouldn’t. This was a man expecting to come back to MGM to enjoy many future free High Roller suites (provided by MGM). He clearly wanted MGM to keep giving him VIP treatment. This was not a man planning on mass murder and suicide within 48 hours.

#10) Child porn.

Police say they found child porn on Paddock’s computer. But it was announced after the shooting, Paddock’s hard drive was gone. Removed from his computer. Nowhere to be found.

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So how did police find child porn? Not one journalist questioned this development. No one ever asked, “Did the hard drive miraculous re-appear?” Police never said a thing. First it was gone. Then they found child porn. Strange.

But if in fact child porn was found (on another computer removed from his home, or office) wouldn’t it make sense to investigate the connection to ISIS and the Philippines, where child sex trafficking is a primary mode of funding for Islamic terror groups?

#11) Every single witness from that concert that I spoke to, or heard, claimed there were multiple shooters.

Some swore they saw multiple shooters. Some say they were being fired at from different directions and levels. Yet police and FBI have ruled that out. So, all the witnesses are wrong?

#12) Jesus Campos. The “hero” security guard. Did he show up before…during…or after the massacre? His timeline changed multiple times. Why? MGM coaching him on timeline to make their liability less severe?

Why would the ONLY witness to worst mass shooting in US history be allowed to leave the country days later?

Worse, HOW did he drive many hours to Mexico with a bullet hole in his leg…only days after being seriously wounded? He needed a cane to appear on “Ellen” a month later. Yet he was fine 3 days after being shot? Does any of this make sense?

The amazing thing never mentioned by mainstream media was Ellen is not only a comedian, but she has multi-million-dollar partnership with MGM, with Ellen themed slot machines. So the only witness to the worst mass shooting in US history gave exactly one interview EVER. Ellen herself announced it would be his only interview ever. Yet it was arranged to be given exclusively to a comedian who is partners with MGM?

Where has Jesus disappeared to since? Never seen again? Is he living in a penthouse of a MGM property somewhere in world with millions in bank, courtesy of MGM? FBI and police don’t find this odd?

Top security execs at MGM called my radio show. All of them said they never heard the name Jesus Campos in their lives before the shooting. How is this possible?

Was he even registered as a security guard with State of Nevada? Or with MGM? Friends of mine got into the MGM database and Campos name either was never there, or it was scrubbed from the system. Why? An investigative reporter friend of mine reports Campos name was never in the state of Nevada system.

#13) Terrible & faulty security at MGM.

I have written about this storyline in my Las Vegas newspaper column multiple times. Dozens of MGM employees have called my radio show, or emailed me, to tell me how terrible security was at all MGM properties. My newspaper columns lay out a condemnation of MGM and their pathetic CEO Jim Murren. See:https://www.reviewjournal.com/opinion/opinion-columns/wayne-allyn-root/commentary-guards-paint-an-eye-opening-picture-of-mgm-security-policies/

Murren slashed the budget for security…fired experienced guards…hired part time guys with no experience our training…he made the properties a gun free zone…had inferior walkie-talkies with dead zones all over the hotel…employees had no crisis training…no one was prepared…MGM had no rapid response SWAT team…Mandalay Bay changed guards at the exact same time each night: 10 PM- which is why the shooting started at that time when security was most disorganized…and worst of all…MGM let High Rollers use freight elevators with no security present, or questions asked. MGM guards called me to say they could NEVER question High Rollers about anything, or they’d be fired. So, no one ever asked Paddock a thing.

Amazingly, nothing has changed. Today, months later, my spies report they got on a Mandalay Bay freight elevator and went up to infamous 32nd floor. No one stopped them. No one asked them a question.

CEO Jim Murren is a pathetic, bleeding-heart, liberal who believes in donating MGM shareholder money to organizations like CAIR (called a Muslim terror front for Hamas by even Democrat US Senator Chuck Schumer) and The Southern Poverty Law Center (who puts Christians on “Hate Lists”). See two of my columns about MGM CEO Murren:

COMMENTARY: MGM’s CEO risks angering many of his customers

COMMENTARY: Sun publisher’s defense of Jim Murren comes up woefully short

Murren should certainly be under scrutiny for his incompetence and lack of proper security at Mandalay Bay, yet the liberal-biased mainstream media has protected him. They’ve never aimed the cannon at him once. Why? Are liberals protecting a “fellow traveler?”

#14) The mysterious stock sales patterns of Jim Murren and top MGM execs and Board of Directors in the days before the Vegas Massacre.

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COMMENTARY: More questions surrounding the Las Vegas Strip shooting

Why hasn’t media reported this? Is anyone aware by pure chance/coincidence the CEO of MGM sold most of his MGM shares in the weeks leading up to the massacre…and so did his top executives and some of his top Board members. How strange is that timing? When does this EVER happen at a public company?

I’ve never heard of a CEO of a public company selling off every share in his own company. What a complete lack of confidence. Does anyone think this is strange? Has anyone in the media ever asked the CEO about this? His eye was certainly not on the ball. Knowing all of this, it’s certainly not surprising that Paddock (or his partners in crime) chose a MGM property for the site of The Vegas Massacre.

Why has his MGM Board kept him employed? He’s a CEO that sold most of his stock, then presided over the worst terror attack in US history. These issues don’t concern the MGM Board? Bizarre.

#15) ISIS.

Here’s the BILLION DOLLAR question no one wants to discuss. Why? Did the FBI miss an obvious sign again? Does MGM have serious insurance issues if this attack is declared “terrorism”? Is Las Vegas worried about tying ISIS to Vegas and hurting tourism? Yet the signs were clear that there could be a connection to ISIS from the start.

First, ISIS promised in a video (covered in blood) in the Spring of 2017 to attack Vegas. See:http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/isis-video-featuring-las-vegas-strip-viewed-credible-threat-article-1.3196042

Second, the Vegas Massacre had the M/O of several previous ISIS attacks. They seem to enjoy attacking concerts and hotels. See the Paris nightclub concert and Manchester Arianna Grande concert. Not to mention numerous hotels attacks throughout the world.

But this never occurred to the FBI?

And Paddock (or his partners in crime) just happened to pick a country music concert? A place filled with people hated by ISIS or any Islamic extremist group- whites, Christians, Trump-loving conservatives. Coincidence?

But this never occurred to the FBI?

Third, then ISIS took credit 4 times for the Vegas massacre.

Never before in history has ISIS ever taken credit four times for any terror attack.

The FBI immediately announced ISIS wasn’t involved. How strange is that? ISIS promised to attack Vegas. A hotel and concert was attacked. ISIS claimed credit four times. The FBI took five minutes to rule them out as suspects.

The Islamic terror experts I interviewed on my radio show- to a man- all believed this had at least some Islamic terror fingerprints on it…all believed ISIS has to be (at the very least) a leading suspect…

and all agreed ISIS does NOT have a history of taking credit for attacks they aren’t involved in. The ISIS experts I interviewed reported a false claim by ISIS only happened once- at a Philippines casino. And even that attack is in dispute. The Philippines government calls it a robbery. Many terror experts believe it was clearly ISIS coordinated.

In history, ISIS has never taken credit for any attack four times. Still the FBI ruled them out almost instantly. Why?

#16) Did CEO Murren & MGM pay for a terrorism insurance rider?

This is just an educated guess. I called several insurance experts. All reported that typical insurance policies for billion dollar hotels don’t pay off for terror attacks. The company needs to purchase an expensive additional insurance rider specifically for terrorism. Yet MGM executives who have called me all claim that Murren is cheap and focused 24/7 on cutting costs.

If MGM had no insurance rider for terrorism, they desperately need this attack to be classified as “murder by a madman” versus “terrorist attack.” It’s the difference between collecting a billion dollars (or more) from insurance…or nothing. Zero. Zip. Nada. This could be why police, FBI, MGM and everyone involved is so desperate to not mention terrorism. MGM is the world’s leading gaming company. Billions of dollars of stock investors, thousands of jobs and the economy of Las Vegas are all effected by the classification of this attack.

I made this guess publicly for the first time on my radio show when interviewing an attorney representing 50 of the survivors. He was in Vegas that day for a meeting of all the attorneys from across the country involved in this case. He was shocked at my educated guess. He stated live on the radio that this was exactly what his fellow attorneys suspect.

#17) The autopsies.

The Las Vegas coroner refused to release the autopsies. The media had to sue to get information released. The media won and the Nevada Supreme Court ruled the information had to be released to the public. See:

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Nevada Supreme Court overturns Las Vegas shooting autopsies ruling

Yet at that point, the Vegas police demanded $500,000 to release mountains of their info on the Vegas Massacre to the media. Once again, a Nevada judge had to rule they have no right to do that. See:https://legalinsurrection.com/2018/03/judge-rules-police-cant-charge-media-huge-fees-for-vegas-massacre-information/

Strange. Why are Vegas authorities so desperate to not release information on the Vegas Massacre to the public?

#18) Trump.

There is no biggest supporter or defender of President Trump than myself. I think he’s the greatest conservative president in U.S. history. But he’s been strangely silent on this high-profile incident. It’s not just any incident. It’s the worst mass shooting in U.S. history.

Even liberal Trump-haters have to agree on these points. President Trump loves controversy. Right? He loves to weigh in on every crisis or controversial issue, right? He doesn’t care if he offends anyone, right? He loves to dominate headlines, right? Don’t all liberals agree about that?

But the President has mysteriously steered clear of this story.

NEVER a peep from Trump about his theories on The Vegas Massacre. Nothing. Nada. Zero. Crickets. In the almost 6 months since this terrible event, the President has never said a word…no theory…never ventured even a guess. Isn’t that strange? Out of character?

#19) To sum it all up…

We’re almost at the 6-month mark. And we know as little now as the day after the massacre.

How can this be? After every other mass shooting we know everything within hours. With this one, the most-high profile mass shooting in U.S. history, we know NOTHING. Zero. We’re completely in the dark. Don’t you find this strange?

But I’m not done yet…

I’ve saved the best for last. Drumroll please…

#20) Now here’s my biggest theory/mystery of all…

The Timeline:

A working theory of mine.

A highly suspicious/mysterious timeline, almost impossible it could be a coincidence…

October 1- Vegas Massacre

October 25-29- Just days after Vegas Massacre, President Trump’s son-in- law Jared Kushner makes secret unannounced trip to Saudi Arabia- as per “Politico.”

Purpose? As announced by Politico- “President Trump is asking for Saudi Arabia’s help in “combating terror financing.”

Media reporting on what they termed a “secret trip.”




Nov. 5- Only days later, the roundup begins by the King of Saudi Arabia and his security forces- they arrest, detain, interrogate and TORTURE over 300 billionaire Saudi Princes. These are the most wealthy and powerful men in Saudi Arabia. Why? Why does this happen only days after a last-minute, secret visit by Trump’s son-in-law with an urgent diplomatic message from President Trump?

See media reports:



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Even more remarkable of a “coincidence”…

One specific Saudi prince who was arrested and tortured was Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, who just happens to be the owner of Four Seasons hotel- on the top floors of Mandalay Bay.

Read a story on his torture:https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-11-23/alwaleed-bin-talal-hung-upside-down-and-beaten-us-mercenaries

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See CNBC story on the arrest. CNBC compared it to arresting Bill Gates or Warren Buffett in the USA. See:


That specific Prince was then transferred to highest security prison in Saudi Arabia to be tortured. See comments from his business partner Bill Gates about the arrest:


Civil Rights groups announced to the media how worried they were about the billionaire prince. See:


This doesn’t seem more than a little strange? Could the timing of all of this be just a little coincidence?

A prince worth $15 to $20 billion…partners with Bill Gates in owning the Las Vegas Four Seasons…just happens to be arrested, tortured and imprisoned in highest security prison in Saudi Arabia?

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All happening within days after Vegas Massacre, which happened to occur literally on his property (just floors below his hotel).

Meanwhile President Trump- who loves chaos, crisis and controversy- is strangely silent. Not one word about the Vegas Massacre in 6 months.

All a coincidence?

Or was the Vegas Massacre some kind of international incident involving Islamic terror cells either coming from Saudi Arabia…or financed by Saudi billionaire princes sympathetic to the ISIS cause?

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Were these 300+ arrests of billionaire princes by the new King of Saudi Arabia within days of getting an urgent diplomatic message from President Trump just a coincidence?

Or was all of this based on what happened in Vegas?

Have I put 2 + 2 together? Certainly, this storyline and timeline is worth exploring and asking questions. The mainstream media has never said a word. Crickets. Asleep at the switch.

As wild as all of these questions and scenarios are, they make far more sense than the story we’ve been told by FBI, police and our government.

The scenario I’ve laid out makes far more sense than the fact that we know nothing about the worst mass shooting 6 months after the fact.

We know nothing about the shooter, or his motive.

There are no videos.

There was no suicide note.

A 60-year old overweight nobody, with no military or law enforcement experience, became Rambo overnight, and without help, pulled off the worst mass shooting in US history?

If you believe that story, I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.

Was ISIS involved? Did the shooting involve Saudi Arabia, or the financing of some kind of terror cell by radical Saudi princes? Did Paddock act alone? Did MGM have the necessary terrorism insurance rider in place? Who the heck is Jesus Campos? Why is the FBI appear missing in action? Why are Vegas authorities so desperate to keep information out of the public’s hands? These are all questions that need to be asked. The big question is…

Why is no one asking them?

Wayne Allyn Root is the host of “WAR Now: The Wayne Allyn Root Show” on Newsmax TV, nightly at 8 PM ET, found on DirecTV channel 349, Dish TV channel 216, or at http://www.newsmaxtv.com/Shows/The-Wayne-Allyn-Root-Show He is also a nationally syndicated radio host of “WAR Now: The Wayne Allyn Root Show” found at http://usaradio.com/wayne-allyn-root/

What do you think?

Demasiada informacion visual?

wearable-technology-smallSiguiendo los avances tecnologicos y el rumbo que esta tomando la interaccion con dispositivos electronicos que pueden ser llevados portados de manera diara,  noto una constante tendencia a saturar el unico elemento que nos permite estar alertas a lo que sucede a nuestro alrededor, “La vista”.

Ya vimos que la distraccion al enviar mensajes de texto al igual que la distraccion al responder llamadas telefonicas puede interferir de manera negativa con nuestra abilidad para concentrarnos y poner atencion a labores motrices de alto riesgo como es el manejar un vehiculo a alta velocidad.
Estas tecnologias de proyeccion de datos a nuestro sistema ocular de alguna manera hacen que esta informacion aparezca de manera automatica sobre los elementos que tenemos en frente produciendo informacion valiosa, no obstante, la velocidad de reaccion de un individuo desde que ve algo hata que produce una actividad motriz no ha cambiado y sigue estando dentro de los 0.7 segundos.

Entonces cual seria en realidad el proximo gran salto tecnologico?

openbciA mi parecer el siguiente salto tecnologico seria la interfaz hombre-maquina, esa interfaz que permita comunicacion bidireccional con dispositivos electronicos tales como telefonia, traduccion automatica de idiomas, Video, esta informacion debera fluir en ambas direcciones, señales directas al cerebro desde dispositivos electronicos sin necesidad de pre-proceso por organos como la vista o el oido.


Con la ayuda de dispositivos electronicos u oidos especiales podriamos escuchar frecuencias que estan fuera rango de capacidad del oido humano, podriamos hacer visible espectros electromagneticos infra-rojos y ultra-violetas, tendriamos a nuestra disposicion una gama increible de elementos electronicos que ya estan siendo usados en la electronica moderna.

El miedo?

Que alguien nos pueda controlar o hackear el cerebro, siempre hay esa posibilidad pero todo depende de lo que definamos y permitamos en los dispositivos de acceso.

Cuan cerca estamos de algo asi?
No estoy seguro pero creo que alcanzo a ver dicha interface en los siguientes 25 años.

Inicialmente puede que tenga la forma de implantes electricos a nuestra corteza cerebral, una teconologia invasiva y de riesgo.

Ondas Cerebrales

Con toda la tecnologia existente somos capaces de detectar y clasificar las ondas cerebrales, reconociendo el tipo de ondas que son generadas en diferentes actividades, pero no asi interpretar el contenido de estas ondas o la traduccion a voz o video de las mismas.

BrainWaves_02De todas maneras esto representa la lectura de las ondas para la transmision de informacion de nuestro cerebro a la maquina, que mecanismos se utilizaran para alimentar nuestro cerebro con informacion de dispositivos que simulen organos?

EEG-by-Nick-BerardNo estan claras las opciones sin un cableado directo a la corteza cerebral o a las zonas que manejan los diferentes tipos de informacion en nuestro cerebro, hasta ahora se han identificados zonas de actividad para el habla, vista, etc pero no se ha determinado un centro de distribucion a excepcion de los nervios que conducen la informacion directamente al cerebro, Podremos emular la senal electrica producida por el sistema nervioso y conectarnos a estas terminaciones nerviosas de manera segura?

Proceso de control

14072853581_ab8abe27b9_zSupongo esto sera como aprender a leer o escribir, un proceso de aprendisaje, pero eso solo responde a la mensajeria de nuestro cerebro, todos los dispositivos hasta ahora desarrollados por Universidades permiten hacerlo a traves de un algoritmo de interpretacion de senales cerebrales, sera que todos los cerebros producen exactamente el mismo tipo de ondas para el manejo motriz? , o es algo que aprendemos desde pequeños cuando aun somos torpe con el manejo de nuestros musculos y logramos controlarlos luego de años de aprendisaje?

Se que dejo mas dudas que claridad con la creacion de este articulo, no obstante es algo que me apasiona y me induce a fantasear ya que mi area de trabajo es la electronica y el manejo y transmision de señales electricas al igual que dispositivos de conrtol.


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