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VoIP in Algeria

Anwar Net was one of the few great installations I had in Africa, Algeria is a fantastic place full of contrast and with a vibrant and growing telecomunications community.

France Telecom has a big influence in the managemenet of  Telecomunications networks in the country but still has the freedom to allow emerging carriers bring new services at a very affordable price.

The installation at Anwar Net was 8xE1 and complete Billing System, training part was awesome, people here is open to learning and I made really good friends.

  • Sysmaster equipment installation took me all over the world, most of the customers were Calling Card Services offering 3 to 4 E1 (30 DS0's x E1) to customers dialing with prepaid cards. This used to be a great business in 2000-2007 I personally installed 90 sites like this in the world if you make the math of usage 86,400 minutes per day in a 12 hours usage which was the average peak traffic for a single location, on average the price per minute on revenue was 4 centrs which brouthg $3,400 in revenue a day to VoIP system owners, they made way more money by using GSM Gateways triplicating this amount a day. Installation consited in network setup with Fixed IP from ISP usually delivered on a CSU/DSU, thanks to the ratio of compression using a codec like g729 on cisco equipment the average bandwidth usage per call was 12Kbps simetrically and almost 170 calls coul be placed on one single Data E1 which handled the inbound SIP calls terminating them on TDM E1 ISDN PRI or SS7. Installation required: Interconnection to ISP (Cisco Router Configuration, Access List and Security) Interconnection with TDM Carrier (Cisco Media Gateway Configuration SIP parameters, Dial Peers Pots and VoIP) Configuration of SS7 Network or ISDN circuits on the media Gateway (Sysmaster Equipment SS7 Configuration) Dial Plan (Inbound Dial Plan, ANI National, International or Subscriber Presentation, Outbund dial plan and Dial Plan Prefixing) Billing System / Usually Radius Based received from Cisco Media Gateway (Media Gateway Configuration for Radius AAA) Authentication and Accounting for IVR on Media Gateway (Sysmaster Equipment configuration of VoIP Radius Parameters) Set up proper rate plan for providers and customers on Billing System (Sysmaster VM2000 billing System configuration) Testing and training All these performed during a five day stay at customer's location.
  • No matter how rough is the environment where you are if there is passion to melt all barriers and allow you to shine in all your splendor, few things in this life can take down this endeveour one of them is death by so we thank God every day for letting us enjoy vibrantly this time we call life.
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